Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jump start 2013 with these three money management tips

Make 2013 the year that you change a few of your money habits. These three money management tips are designed to help control spending:
1.     Always shop with a list.  Don't cheat by making the list as you are entering the store, especially at the grocery store.  Be thoughtful and prepare a list ahead of time.  Your list is your guide and will prevent you from impulse buying.
2.     Avoid impulse buying and buyer's remorse by waiting at least 24 hours before spending $100 on an item.  Ask yourself if the item is something you truly need.  Perhaps it is something that you can borrow.
3.     If you are disorganized, stop buying in bulk and/or items that you may need in the future.  Many individuals who buy in bulk and/or in advance forget they have the items they purchased or cannot find them when they need them.  If you are organized, buy only the items you use regularly in bulk and always watch for sales.    

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