Monday, January 13, 2014

America Saves Twitter Chats

America Saves Twitter Chats on Saving Money


General Instructions:

¨       Make sure you are following @moneytalk1 on Twitter

¨       Log in to Twitter at 7pm EST on the dates listed below

¨       Tweet your ideas and questions on the themes listed below for each date to @moneytalk1

¨       Use the hashtag #eXASchat in your tweets during the chat

¨       Create valuable content; chatters with the three most valuable tweets each week will win gift cards

Monday, February 3     Saving Money: Guidelines, Obstacles, and Motivators

          T1: What factors help people save money?

          T2: What obstacles prevent people from saving money?

          T3: How much money should people save annually?

          T4: What are some good ways to motivate yourself or others to save money?

          T5: Where is the best place to put savings dollars?

Monday, February 10     Saving Money: Strategies, Cash Flow, and Role Models

          T6: Where are some good books, Web sites, or other resources about saving money?

          T7: What is the one single best thing people can do to save money?

          T8: Who are some good savings role models for adults and/or children?

          T9: What are some ways to decrease expenses to “find” money to save?

          T10: What are some ways to increase income to “find” money to save?

Monday, February 17     Saving Money: Reasons, Resources, and Success Stories

          T11: What government or community programs can help people save?

          T12: What are some good reasons to save money?

          T13: What are some specific strategies to save money for retirement?

          T14: Do attitudes and personality traits affect savings behavior?

          T15: Do you have any good savings success stories (yourself or others)?

Monday, February 24     Saving Money: Goals, Automation, and Becoming an Investor

          T16: When, how, and why should savers also become investors?

          T17: What did your parents teach you about saving when you were growing up?

          T18: What is the most expensive thing that you saved money for instead of buying on credit?

          T19: What financial goal(s) are you saving money for now?

          T20: What are some good tips to make saving automatic?

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