Wednesday, June 2, 2010

4-H: No Animals Required

Last week marked the annual 4-H Speech and Demo contest. We heard 10 speeches and 10 demos, and they were all wonderful. So, why blog about this event and not others? Here are some reasons:

1. Many people associate 4-H with animals. Frequently, when I tell people what I do as a career I hear "4-H, that's that thing you have to have animals to be in". NOT TRUE!

2. Everyone needs communication skills! We use them every day to communicate with family members, co-workers, and teachers.

3. 4-H allows youth to develop communication skills in a safe environment. Last week, I heard 2 third grade youth clearly explain how they benefit from 4-H community service projects to anaudience of about 25 people. WOW!

4. Employers hire employees that can communicate. The ability to communicate the written and verbal word often are cited as one of the top skills employers desire.

4-H fosters life skills. This event reminded me how important speech and demonstration contests are, and I am so glad we have one in Warrick County with such great participation. All done without animals!

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