Thursday, August 16, 2012

Build Healthy Habits

You might think children are getting enough exercise in their PE classes at school, but it takes more than just an hour once a week for kids to be healthy.  September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, and even if your children aren't overweight, you can use these tips from to make sure they form healthy habits now that will last a lifetime.

Healthy living starts with solid nutrition

Making sure your kids egt enough fruits and vegetables can be tricky, but you can start by mixing vegetables into meals you already make.  Consider tossing some spinach in with your pasta or dicing peppers to mix in with your tacos.  When it comes to snacks, have fresh fruit or chopped veggies on hand that your kids can grab instead of chips or cookies.

Kids need 60 minutes of vigorous play each day to be healthy.  Encourage kids to put down video game controllers and organize a game of tag or capture the flag.  Sign kids up for a team sport or give them toys that encourage play, like a basketball or jump rope.

Find more ideas at or (kids section).

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